Jan Wegener is a talented self-taught photographer, adventurer, and birds lover from Sachsenheim, Germany who currently based in Melbourne, Australia. In recent years, his passion has grown more serious and he has traveled to many places all over the world to photograph birds including Canada, USA, Norway, and many other European countries. Wegener has over 37.500 followers on Instagram and counting.

I was always interested in birds. Even as a little child my parents had to watch birds with me….. 😉 My interest for photography came a bit later, but rapidly. Like most guys I also started with a small Point and Shoot camera and shot mostly in Zoos. However, I really wanted to get more and especially rare domestic birds here in Germany. So I got myself my first digital SLR Camera. A Canon 20D together with a 100-400mm lens. Well, that still wasn’t really it and in Summer 04 I made the big step and bought a 500mm lens and a professional camera body (1D Mark IIn). I am still using that camera and I am really happy with it. My main interest are small songbirds and so it was only a matter of time till the wish for the one and only wildlfe lens grew inside me. The EF 600 L IS 🙂 Needless to say that I couldn’t resist this wish…..

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