Magnificent black and white photos by Doug Dorsett, talented photographer and artist who was born in London, England and currently lives and works in Vancouver, Canada. Doug’s Instagram account filled with dreamlike scenes of urban beauty, decay and juxtaposition. Dorsett has over 42,800 followers on Instagram and counting.

I was born in London, England and Vancouver, Canada is my home. It goes without saying that I am utterly in love with the rain. When it’s raining, you will find me with my camera in hand, under my umbrella, exploring the city streets. In my youth, I was heavily influenced by the Impressionist Artists. The absence of detail in Monet’s paintings while having the ability to illustrate movement inspired me. From Renoir’s “The Umbrellas” to William Turner’s “Rain, Steam and Speed”, you’re able to see their influences throughout my collection of digital watercolours. During a visit to Paris I became fascinated with street photography after seeing Robert Doisneau’s black and white photo “The Kiss”. I fell in love with the movement of people doing everyday things.

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