Brian Cattelle is a talented photographer based in Delray Beach, Florida, US. His new series “Bare USA” is a nationwide fine art photography project that delves into the study of natural beauty in contrast with man-made decay. This contrast is explored by photographing nude models in abandoned locations nationwide. Brian’s goal is to photograph one model in one location in each of the 50 United States.

I love the excitement that comes from exploring and photographing these forbidden landscapes of decay and I want to share that with you. These crumbling structures create compositions that are difficult to find anywhere else. There’s also something quite compelling and inherently beautiful about the natural shapes of the female form. I’m not talking about the false ideals we have been force fed through popular media. I’m talking about real women, as they are, as there meant to be, naturally beautiful in every way. Right from the start I have loved everything about this project and I wouldn’t forgive myself if I didn’t see it through to the end.

-Brian Cattelle