Bryan Adam Castillo is a talented self taught photographer based in Tucson, Arizona. He started photography about a year ago. Bryan shoots a lot of travel, urban and fine art photography. Castillo does stunning night photography of star trails and stunning portraits, focusing on the smaller details. Bryan has more than 70,000 followers on his Instagram account.

i am creative & fine art photographer from tucson, az. the moment i picked up a camera (about a year ago) i became enamored with capturing inspiring images. i have always been creatively ambitious, specifically within the realm of music. as i explored photography, i used the same frame of mind to capture and edit my photos. i will never stop growing and learning more as i daily challenge my creativity and the ideas i have. if photography has shown me anything, it is to simply stop and take in my surroundings. it’s amazing what you’ll find if you appreciate the beauty of where you live and where you adventure.

Bryan Adam Castillo