Gorgeous black and white portraits by Peter Müller, a talented photographer, and artist currently based in Frankfurt, Germany. Peter focuses mainly on female portraiture and landscape photography. He prefers black and white for many reasons, but mostly for its timelessness. ” People and landscapes are my main topics. People I do love both – the snapshot on the street as well as the full line up starting with portraits, fashion, nudes and so on”, says Müller. He has over 54,800 followers on Instagram and counting.

Born in a small town the Eifel between Bitburg and Aachen. I love photography since I was a little boy. My father taught me shooting with a Voigtlaender Vito B, Leica M 4 and how to develop film and work I the darkroom. Since then I have a camera with me most of the time. My first own camera was a Canon AE 1 which I used until 1998. That was the time when my son was faster than I could focus. I entered the Nikon World with an F100 and finally switched in 2004 to digital. Since 2 years I am back to Leica again for the street and some fashion shot.

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