Caleb Cain Marcus was born beneath Wilson Peak in the mountains of Colorado. He lives and works in New York City. Marcus received his MFA from Columbia University. Cain Marcus has dedicated himself to the poetic search for the balance between city, nature, man and the invisible.

Rationalism and intellectualism dominate our perception of reality and have led to a slow disenchantment of the world. Caleb Cain Marcus uses his art to create a sense of wonder, mystery, transcendence and re-enchantment. The artist achieves this through sensitive employment of color, light and atmospheric conditions which define and describe the physicality of space among living things.

For three years, Caleb Cain Marcus has been photographing what Robert Frank calls, in his haiku-esque preface to this volume, “the light of night.” Marcus’ second monograph, A Portrait of Ice finds breathtaking worlds of color in the glaciers of Patagonia, Iceland, Norway, New Zealand and Alaska. New York-based photographer journeyed 1,500 miles along the Ganges River to create Goddess, a bold feat of landscape photography.