Carmit Rozenzvig is a talented self taught photographer and retoucher from Israel, who currently based in Roslyn, New York, United States. Carmit’s first click with a real camera was about 6 years ago when she took a basic class in Israel. She uses Nikon D700 and Sigma 70-200mm F/2.8 EX DG lenses. Rozenzvig takes stunning female portraits in which you can see the female beauty in the form of photo realism or in other abstract forms.

“Not sure yet I can call myself a photographer but I sure do love taking pictures. My first click with a real camera was about 6 years ago when I took a basic class in Israel (since i wasn’t sure which button was turning my camera on). This class gave me some tools along with some fuel to continue and experience my new hobby. And I did! I experience many type of styles, played a lot with editing, created horrible images, and some good ones..but mainly i made myself happy! and proud! proud that in the middle of building my amazing family i’m also building myself. So.. nothing really fancy i can say about my photography, I’m still learning and will continue learn till the day i say ‘photography is not for me anymore’, still inspired by many great photographers, my heart still pounding if i see a great image, not sure where i see myself in 5 years, I’m enjoying the present.”

Carmit Rozenzvig