Bernhard Lang is a talented photographer and fine artist from Germany who focuses on aerial views of industrial and vacation destinations. Bernhard recently visited Italy and captured stunning aerial views of the Carrara Marble mines, for his latest project titled “Carrara Marble”. Enjoy also his Fish Farms series.

Above the city of Carrara in the Apuan Alps in Italy there are the Carrara Marble mines where the creamy white stone is extracted. The exceptional quality of this white marble is know since roman times, when the roman empire already used it for the construction of their most prestigious monuments and sculpting. The noble marble from Carrara was valued by various artists and masters including Michelangelo, Da Vinci, Bernini and Rodin, … The Carrara quarries have produced more marble than any other place on earth. Working in the quarries has been dangerous and continues so to this day.

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