Cheyenne Ellis is a California native who has image making in her blood. The daughter of a photographer and a film director, Cheyenne honed her craft studying at Brooks Institute of Photography after completing her degree in fine arts from Westmont College. She worked under the legendary photographer Irving Penn in New York, in what she describes as the best two years of her life, and moved back home to Los Angeles to begin her own career. Currently working from a home base in Topanga, California, Cheyenne travels the world for editorial and advertising jobs alike. She is most at home in nature, growing up half her life in the mountain town of Mammoth Lakes and the other half at the beaches in Malibu, her connection with the outdoors is apparent in her imagery. Her casual easy way with people, a natural connection with beauty in the world and around her, and her high level of professionalism translate to stunning, timeless images.

If she’s not taking pictures, Cheyenne can be found hiking her dog in the hills of Topanga, trying to tackle her grandmas recipes in the kitchen, or jumping out of windows (seriously). Cheyenne was raised in a family of stunt people, and much like the circus, she learned the family craft at a young age. Her first stunt was at the age of 8yrs old and she is still hitting the ground at 34. Cheyenne helped pay her way through photography school doubling such actresses as Katherine Heigl and Rebecca Romijn and says she will never give it up, although pictures are her passion. “Stunts have kept me active, involved with the family business, and introduced me to some amazing people. It keeps me in shape, and honestly has allowed me to shoot a lot of jobs that most clients wouldn’t typically trust a woman with. When the job involves anything on the snow, in the water, or hanging out of helicopters, I feel completely confident that I can get it done.”