Dan Bannino is a talented photographer and imagemaker currently based in Turin, Italy. Dan likes to translate ideas into images and he is crazy about chicks. In his latest series “Chic Chicks”, Bannino captured glam chickens aims to remind people that chickens are more than just food. Chic Chickens is, well, a series of very chic 80s chickens, complete with ultra volumised hair and dramatic lighting. Photographer says he wanted to portray the chickens like the models of a high-fashion magazine because it would show off their true beauty.

There is a city in Italy where chickens are growing differently from the rest of the world, their ridge has been replaced by fashionable feathers, resembling cool 80s’ hairstyles. For my series “Chic Chicks” I travelled all the way to Padua to meet Andrea Pozzato, the reigning Italian Champion of pedigreed poultry. Here Andrea is growing and breeding beautiful specimens of Paduan chicken, with the aim of making them the next big Italian thing to be exported abroad.

Combining Old Masters’ chiaro-scuro technique and colourful lights, I’ve realised these human-like portraits starting from a color palette built keeping in mind each chicken feathers’ shades and producing a small studio-space inside the farm itself, using a grey wall as background and a surface on which, with the help of Andrea, I’ve placed our subjects. As I always like to do with my work, the aim of this series is to turn the audience’s attention over unusual themes. In this case chickens had been “hired” as models, underlining their beauty and showing the contrast between their exploitation and their extreme elegance. These creatures too often mistreated had been at the service of humankind for centuries, yet not so many of us sees them as something different from food.

– Dan Bannino

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