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Gorgeous Children Portrait Photography by Diana Aleksandrovich

Diana Aleksandrovich is an professional photographer and retoucher currently based in Moscow, Russia. Diana focuses on portraiture, she shoots amazing beauty, family and children portrait photography. More info: instagram / facebook / website

Weightless: Portraits of Maldivian Girls in The Ocean by Anastasia Korosteleva

Anastasia Korosteleva is an professional photographer and graphic designer based in Moscow, Russia. Anastasia received her BA in Graphic Design from the British Higher School of Art and Design, Moscow. She has twice won the D&AD New Blood Award in the photography category. Her latest project titled “Weightless” was taken on the Hulhumale island. Korosteleva captured amazing portraits of Maldivian girls floating on the surface of the Indian ocean. Weightless explores the bright identities of a nation that is under the threat of disappearance. More info: website

Tiny Dancers Among Us: Jordan Matter Captures Amazing Photos of Dancing Kids

Jordan Matter is a talented portrait and dance photographer from New York City, whose work has been featured on the BBC, CBS and NBC and newspapers around the world. Best known for his previous works “Dancers Among Us”, “Dancers After Dark” and “Athletes Among Us“, Jordan was inspired by his kids, Hudson and Salish, to create his latest project titled “Tiny Dancers Among Us”. While playing with his son, Jordan thought about creating photographs that would show the world as if through his boy’s eyes. The tittle “Tiny Dancers”was inspired by his daughter when she did an Arabesque in front ... Read more

Beautiful Children Portrait Photography by Patrycja Horn

Patrycja Horn is a talented self-taught photographer and retoucher currently based in Long Island, New York. Patrycja focuses on portraiture, she shoots a lot of beauty, fashion and children photography. More info: instagram / 500px

Little Kids And Their Big Dogs by Andy Seliverstoff

Andy Seliverstoff is a talented 58-year-old self-taught photographer from St. Petersburg, Russia, who started photography 4 years ago. Andy loves dogs, kids and photography. And his book “Little Kids and Their Big Dogs” is the extraordinary result of blending the 3 of interests. “In my photography I try to bring my own emotions and interpretation of the moment back in my photo’s,” he says. Seliverstoff has so far spent four months taking these beautiful pictures around St Petersburg. My passion is photographing dogs of all kind but I have a special love for the Great Danes. I always take plenty ... Read more

The Christmas Wish Project: Karen Alsop Creates Gaming and Cinematic Composites With Sick Children

Karen Alsop is a talented illustrative photographer, digital artist and photoshop educator based in the South East of Melbourne, Australia. “I never thought of myself as an Artist. Artists to me were painters, creatives that produced beautiful images by using paintbrushes, pencils and even clay,” she says. Alsop is known for creating beautiful fantasy worlds and her Photoshop composites are really unique and well done. Karen uses Canon 5D Mark III camera and photoshop to create stunning whimsical style and humor combined photography. “I realised, after 20 years of being a “creative”, that I had been in fact always an ... Read more

Ayumi Omori Captures Her Sleeping Twins In Imaginative Scenes

Ayumi Omori is a talented Japanese photographer and mom of two-year-old twins, who lets her creative juices flow. Using a wide variety of props and costumes, Omori creates imaginative scenes with the slumbering bodies of her twins and posts the pictures on her Instagram account. In the images, posted by Ayumi, Ichika and Taichi become DJs, boxing competitors, ladybugs, and other adorable characters. Ayumi Omori’s method is similar to the one Laura Izumikawa takes with her daughter, in that she observes their positions once they’ve fallen asleep, and then comes up with their latest gig. More info: instagram

Laura Izumikawa Dresses Her Napping Baby in Cosplay Outfits

Laura Izumikawa is an professional lifestyle and wedding photographer and new mum based out of Southern California. Laura playfully turns her 4-month-old daughter, Joey Marie Choi, into a sleeping cosplayer by dressing up little Joey as pop culture stars, such as Beyoncé, the Little Mermaid and Eleven from the show “Stranger Things” while she naps. Laura shares the pictures on Instagram and has already built up a following of over 270,000. Dreaming Of The Korean Spa Eleven From ‚Stranger Things‘ Han Solo Jon Snow Karate Kid Milkmaid Olimpic Swimmer Slash From Guns N‘ Roses Sushi Master The Little Mermaid More ... Read more

Beautiful Kids Photography by Rasa Razaniene

Rasa Razaniene is an professional photographer based between Vilnius, Lithuania and London, UK. Rasa shoots amazing and emotional children portraits, she uses Nikon D3s, nikkor 85mm f1.4, nikkor 35mm 1.4 and lensbaby. I had always been dreaming of working with little ones and only after I discovered photography my dreams came true. Photoshooting for me is a communication between my little model and me, it’s a game and a start of our friendship… – Rasa Razaniene More info: facebook / 500px / website

Beautiful Children Portraits by Sergey Betz

Sergey Betz is a talented 48-year-old self taught photographer based in Novosibirsk, Russia. Sergey uses Canon 5D MarkIII and Canon 7D cameras, he shoots a lot of portrait, children and street photography. More info: 500px / vk

Katherine Heise Documents The Fleeting Childhood Moments of Her Two Kids

Katherine Heise is a talented photographer and mom based in Sydney, Australia. Katherine takes timeless photos of her two children, who she endearingly refers to as “fox” and “lamb.” At her blog Lamb Loves Fox, she keeps a photographic record of her children. She first started taking pictures around her 21st birthday, and though she has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Photography, it wasn’t until she had children of her own that her love of photography turned into a passion. I had almost finished my degree in Fine Arts (with a major in photography) when I fell pregnant ... Read more