Bence Bakonyi is a talented photographer, who was born in 1991 in Keszthely and currently based in Budapest, Hungary. For his project “Segue”, Bence decided to capture photos of a country with nearly 1.4 billion people — look completely empty. Over a period of six months, Bakonyi traveled throughout China by himself, focused on deserted sidewalks, abandoned swimming pools, and vast landscapes seemingly devoid of life. He didn’t use Photoshop techniques to remove people from the photos — he just waited for the right moment. Starting in Shanghai, Bakonyi slowly made his way west towards Lanzhou, with a final stop in Hong Kong.

Throughout my one year stay in China, I tried to find my home in a world completely unknown to me. And because home is where one can find himself, the photographs can also be seen as self-portraits projected onto China. Without assistance and not being able to speak Chinese, it was hard for me to communicate with people. Therefore, I refrained from picturing humans and I focused on their environment instead. In the first part of my journey I had been wandering through the countryside, trying to avoid the metropolitan areas, but with time, I found myself in ever larger cities. In my journey’s second part, it was increasingly challenging to avoid the portrayal of humans. The series follows the development of my voyage, as I gradually approached, starting from rural existence, the man-made world.

– Bence Bakonyi

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