Chip Henderson has been framing up his world since he was a kid hanging out at his dad’s ad agency or on location with one of their clients. Seeing things in his own way and scouting most of his critical locations enables him to capture, in a single frame of film, the expansive, cinematic quality and dramatic impact normally seen only on eighty foot screens.

Bracketing Chip’s location shoots is a very busy home life. He, his wife Cindy and their seven kids-whoops 2 are now married and working on baby talent- live on a 40-acre farm northwest of Raleigh, NC. Their organic garden produces his famous blackberries and tomatoes, which his children help transform into cobblers, pies and pasta sauce , yum!

Perhaps learning how to juggle the demands of home and work has made Chip the photographer he is today: calm in the face of the inevitable glitches that come with location photography and possessing an unwavering dedication to not only getting the memorable shot, but also to delivering more of those than you ever thought you had.