Christopher Dydyk began his career as a professional photographer in 1995. Although he is best known around the world as the co-author of the best selling photo book SHYBOY: THE HORSE THAT CAME IN FROM THE WILD, Christopher is an editorial photographer who specializes in event, corporate and people photography. His unique blend of style is developed from a broad range of artistic and photographic experience. He possesses an uncanny ability to be creative under pressure while staying true to his style of colorful and energetic imagery. His personality, including his easy smile and ready laugh, immediately puts his clients and photographic subjects at ease.

Christopher has a broad range of clients, including neighbors down the street, ad-agencies, publishing companies, non-profit organizations and world wide corporations. His artistic works are in the permanent collections of institutions such as Harvard Law School and Windsor Castle, England.

Christopher has a number of fine art projects in the works, including a series of landscape and detail photographs of Golden Gate Park, and a series of reconstructed and overlaid photographs of San Francisco that collectively represent a unique tour of the city, across space and time. He calls them Impressions of San Francisco. Christopher also restores historical photographs of San Francisco’s Inner Richmond District, where he lives with his partner and his two dogs; this particular project is part of Christopher’s ongoing effort to use photography to reclaim history and memory.