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Atmospheric, Long Exposure and Cinematic Photography by Henri Prestes

Henri Prestes is a talented photographer and cinematographer from Southern Europe. His portfolio is full of stunning cinematic pictures are taken in the small, isolated villages in Portugal. Henri takes pictures when the weather is suitable for the kind of mood or atmosphere, usually at night or early morning. His work aims to capture “the melancholy mood of dark eeriness that is often present in isolated places”. Prestes, a Portugese photographer, has spent many long nights over the last 2 years creating the work near isolated villages in the most secluded parts of his home country that are often surrounded ... Read more

Currents: Stunning Cinematic Photography by Matthew Jones

Matthew Jones is a talented photographer and retoucher currently based in Atlanta, GA, USA. Matthew focuses on advertising, he shoots awesome automotive, landscapes and street photography. More info: instagram / website

Aesthetically Stunning Cinematographs by Chloe Aftel

Chloe Aftel is a talented 37-year-old photographer and filmmaker currently lives and works in Los Angeles. Chloe received his MFA in Film Production from the University of Southern California. Aftel focuses on still and motion storytelling, she shoots a lof of lifestly, portrait and fashion photography. Chloe’s work has been featured in Vogue, Vanity Fair, Harper’s Bazaar, New York Magazine, Wall Street Journal, Fast Company and Rolling Stone Magazine among other publications. She sees each photograph as a one-frame movie still, and each person as someone with a story to tell. More info: instagram / facebook / website

Vachon – 1951’s Office: Fine Art Commercial Photography by Samuel Guigues

Samuel Guigues is a talented photographer, art director and filmmaker currently based in Paris, France. Samuel focuses on advertising, he shoots a lot of fine art, narrative and commercial photography. His clients include: Absolut, Adidas, BNP Paribas, Canal+, GDF Suez, Handicap International, Jimmy Fairly and many others. More info: instagram / facebook / website

Shining: Sun’s Plasma Surreal Cinematographs by Csekk István

Csekk István is an art director, media designer and visual artist based in Budapest, Hungary. For his latest project “Shining”, Csekk has created animated loops of plasma in various locations on Earth. The result is Amazing! I will probably never quite figure out what qualifies me for all these, and will forever doubt if anything I do is any good. More info: instagram / website

Amazing Time-Lapse GIFs by Ondřej Černín

Ondřej Černín is a talented 20-year-old self-taught photographer, filmmaker and student from Prague who currently studying in Switzerland. “I was born in Prague, I used to live in the suburbs of Seattle, but now I moved to a different suburb that belongs to the Swiss city of Zurich,” he says. Ondřej captures a lot of amazing nature and travel landscapes. “I love making gifs! Especially timelapses,” Černín explained. I use a GoPro for my timelapses, which then are made into GIFs in Photoshop (which used to be mostly done at the school library, but I now at least have Photoshop ... Read more

Snowscapes: Animated Gif Photographs by Nick Sellek

Nick Sellek is a talented photographer, visual and digital artist currently lives and works in East London, UK. Nick received his Fine Art Degree from Middlesex University in 2003. Nick focuses on architecture, structure, landscape and cityscape photography. This series of photographic animated gifs are a cross over with another of Nick’s projects called ‘Window.’. They were created for the front of Christmas advent calendars with windows, roofs and facades cut and creased to open up to reveal interiors and festive happenings. These displayed here are however just two dimensional, but with slightly animated snow storms. The photographs were taken ... Read more

Vibrant and Colorful Cinematic Photography by Sanja Marusic

Sanja Marusic is a talented 25-year-old Dutch-Croatian photographer, filmmaker and digital artist currently based in Amsterdam. Sanja is a graduate from the Koninklijke Academie van Beeldende Kunsten in The Hague, and she exhibited her work all over the Netherlands. Marusic was nominated in three categories for the Photo Academy Award 2013. In 2009 she received the 1st prize for fashion photography of Elle Magazine and in 2010 the 2nd prize in fashion photography of Hollands Diep magazine, a public intellectual magazine. Sanja Marusic has an exclusive range of photography in which she combines portraits with sweeping landscapes. Her work has ... Read more

Gorgeous Cinematic Photography by Erik Almas

Erik Almas is a talented photographer and artist, who grew up in Trondheim, Norway and moved to the US to study photography at the Academy of Art University. “Photography sort of fell in my lap. When looking back at how I became a photographer it is almost like it rained on me,” he says. Currently based in San Francisco, Erik is shooting constantly, traveling around the world for clients such as Toyota, Puma, Nike, Hyatt, USPS, Citibank and Amtrak. I assisted Jim Erickson for almost 3 years. I don’t think there is a better mentor. He inspired, encouraged and nurtured ... Read more

Cinematic Detective Stories by Blaise Arnold

Blaise Arnold is a talented photographer, painter and artist, who was born in 1965. Blaise lives and works in Paris. Arnold is truly a master photographer of creating stories in his images. Through his series “Stories”, he captures amazing detective stories that emits a certain dark yet wistful aura. Blaise discoveres scenes of untold mystery, expertly composed to fully immerse us in the past. Each one of his characters are highly suspicious. More info: facebook / flickr / website

Cinematic Portraits by Mireya Gartland

[gallery link=”file” columns=”1″ size=”medium” ids=”98939,98940,98941,98942,98943,98944,98945,98946,98947″] Mireya Gartland is a talented photographer, art director and filmmaker based in San Francisco, CA, USA. Mireya shoots stunning cinematic, symmetry and colorful portraits.