Dimitri Bogachuk is a talented 28-year-old photographer, who was born in 1987 in Vishneve and currently based in Kiev, Ukraine. Dimitri received his Master of Arts in art-expertise from The National Academy of Senior Specialists of Culture and Arts, Kyiv, Ukraine. Bogachuk focuses on conceptual and landscape photography. For his project “City 21”, Dimitri captured the contamplative side of urban megapolis Kiev, the capital of Ukraine.

A plot of “City 21” is not crystallized and just the contrary sometimes it is cluttered with spots and lines. This time I’ve refused from an usual laconic story in favor of a disordered reality. It is forthright, clear, but it looks more authentic than too much formal photographs. A reportage style of shooting made possible to avoid a subjective artistic interpretation of reality . “City 21” can be called documentary, but the light and the overall shape hint at a more figurative interpretation of the story.









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