Cityscape Photography

Stunning Australian Night & Cityscapes by Patrick Koong

Patrick Koong aka Pat Kay is a talented freelance photographer, adventurer and full-stack designer currently lives and works in Sydney, Australia. Pat uses Sony a7II camera with Zeiss 16-35mm F4 lens, he focuses on urban, cityscape, portrait, architecture and anything dark & moody. “I’m now at Australia’s largest and fastest growing startup, Campaign Monitor, where I’m helping to grow and cultivate a world-class Design team while the company scales rapidly,” he says. “At all other times, I’m an adventurer and photographer,” Patrick explaines. Koong takes a lot of long exposure photographs. More info: instagram / facebook / website

Beautiful Cityscapes by Sanjay Chauhan

Sanjay Chauhan is a talented young photographer and explorer based in Toronto, Canada. Sanjay shoots a lot of architecture, urban, travel, cityscape and landscape photography. More info: instagram / facebook / website

Stunning Cityscape Photography by Dany Eid

Dany Eid is a talented self-taught photographer, who was born and raised in Beirut, Lebanon and currently based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Dany studied interior design and painting at Universite LA Sagesse. He shoots a lot of corporate, architecture, landscape and travel photography. “I left my executive career and followed my passion to become a photographer”, he explains. “I believe that nothing is better than doing a job that you love and pursuing your dream.” Each image I shoot is not considered a subject, but is a story that I capture with my lens. Dany Eid uses Nikon D800 ... Read more

The Stunning Beauty Of Hong Kong’s Cityscapes by Yik Keat

Yik Keat is a young self taught photographer based in Singapore. Yik, who has accumulated a following of 123,000 individuals on Instagram, specializes in cityscape and urban photography. His client work includes Adidas, Abbot Global, Changi Airport, Samsung, Singapore Flyer and many others. More info: instagram / website

Beautiful Cityscapes by Martijn Kort

[gallery link=”file” columns=”1″ size=”medium” ids=”97458,97459,97460,97461,97462,97463,97464,97465″] Martijn Kort is a talented 23 years old landscape photographer, traveller and pilot from the Netherlands. He shoots a lot of travel, architecture, cityscape and aerial photography. Kort’s work has been featured in various magazines such as: National Geographic, Digital SLR Magazine, Rough Guides – Travel Guides, Camera Pixo and others.

Cityscape Instagrams by Olivier Wong

[gallery link=”file” columns=”1″ size=”large” ids=”94769,94770,94771,94772,94773,94774,94775,94776,94777″] Olivier Wong is a talented 25 years old self taught photographer and engineer based in Paris, France. Olivier uses Lumia 1020 phone, he shoots a lot of travel, architecture, urban and cityscape photography.

Smalltown by Paul Murphy

[gallery columns=”1″ link=”file” size=”medium” ids=”81510,81511,81512,81513,81514,81515,81516,81517,81518″] Paul Murphy is a professional photographer, who was born in 1965 in Banbridge, County Down, Northern Ireland and currently based in London, UK. He shoots a lot of cityscapes, fine art, advertising, landscape and portrait photography.

Honk Kong by Enrique Pacheco

[gallery link=”file” columns=”1″ size=”medium” ids=”80092,80093,80094,80095,80096,80097,80098,80099,80100″] Enrique Pacheco is a professional cinematographer from Spain. He has been working in video production for more than 12 years. But Enrique’s career changed when he moved to Iceland. There he started to specialize on time-lapse and DSLR cameras, exploring the raw landscape of Iceland and shooting some of nature’s most volatile subjects, such as active volcanoes, glaciers, waterfalls, and the traditional culture of Iceland. Some of his latest short films have been very successful in internet and festivals, “Shaped by Time”, “Made on Earth” and “The Maghreb” are all long-term self-productions made with great ... Read more

Beautiful Cityscapes by Luigi Visconti

[gallery columns=”1″ link=”file” ids=”77645,77646,77647,77648,77649,77650,77651,77652,77653″] Luigi Visconti‘s passion for photography has been life long. Through his practice he captures the essence of a city; it’s history, architecture and life. In 1997 Visconti moved from his home town in Ravenna, Italy to Paris, it was this move and the sprawling metropolis of Paris that inspired him to begin capturing the cityscape. A later move to Abu Dhabi in 2005 led the artist to begin using a large format camera to capture the cities sprawling vistas, fascinated with the sharpe, diverse and ever changing landscape of Abu Dhabi and Dubai and then later ... Read more

Shanghai at Night by Nicolas Jandrain

[gallery columns=”1″ link=”file” size=”medium” ids=”72665,72666,72667,72668,72669,72670,72671,72672,72674″] Nicolas Jandrain is a talented photographer, creative and motion director with over 12 years of experience in design, branding, advertising, and digital communication. Nicolas currently based in Los Angeles, CA, USA.

Cityscape Photography by Yen Baet

[gallery columns=”1″ link=”file” ids=”68099,68100,68101,68102,68103,68104,68105,68106,68107,68108″] Yen Baet is a self-taught photographer born and raised in the Philippines, and also lived in the United States, Japan, Germany and currently in England. She traveled across the globe in search of beautiful places to photograph whether it be a big city or a small town. Yen shoot a lot of travel and urban photography. Her affinity for bridges and reflections leads her to set up tripod along waterways, from the never-ending Danube to the romantic Rhine to the picturesque Seine and Thames, and the winding canals of Amsterdam and Venice. Yen’s work has graced ... Read more

Cityscape Photography by Alex Rykov

[gallery columns=”1″ link=”file” size=”medium” ids=”67264,67265,67266,67267,67268,67269,67270,67271,67272,67273,67275″] Alex Rykov is a talented photographer based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Alex shoots a lot of landscape and cityscape photography.

Fine Art Cityscapes by Fabrice Silly

[gallery columns=”1″ link=”file” ids=”63198,63199,63200,63201,63202,63203,63204,63205,63206,63207,63208″] If one of Fabrice Silly’s shots happens to appear on a «wall» of photographs, your eye will immediately be attracted to it as if replying to a call. Apart from the typical effect of the long exposure resulting in a distension of time, it is above all the “almost nothing”, the subtle emptiness that are appealing. Appealing, questioning, secretly echoing our existential obsessions. The evidence in these “compositions”, where a human figure seems to be lost, facing an environment reduced to its basic elements. “Compositions” since spatial landmarks are rubbed out and tracks are covered : ... Read more

Cityscape Photography by Vivienne Gucwa

[gallery columns=”1″ link=”file” ids=”61668,61669,61670,61671,61672,61673,61674,61675,61677,61682″] Vivienne Gucwa is a talented self taught photographer and writer based in New York, United States. Vivienne shoot a lot of travel and urban photography.

Future Cities by Noah Addis

[gallery columns=”1″ link=”file” ids=”61011,61012,61013,61014,61015,61016,61017″] Noah Addis is a photographer currently based in Columbus, Ohio. He has had solo exhibitions of his work at the Loyola University Art Museum, The Salt Institute for Documentary Studies and The Center for Emerging Visual Artists. His work is held in public collections including The Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Center for Emerging Visual Artists and the Free Library of Philadelphia. He was chosen to participate in The Summer Show Project at the Foley Gallery in New York and has been awarded fellowships from the Center for Emerging Visual Artists, the Independence Foundation and the ... Read more

Dubai by Sebastian Opitz

[gallery columns=”1″ link=”file” ids=”59027,59028,59029,59030,59031,59032,59033,59034,59035,59036,59037″] Sebastian Opitz is originally from Hamburg and based in Dubai since 2008. He has worked on numerous photography assignments throughout the region and is currently working as a timelapse photographer for an IMAX film project.

Cityscapes by Luca Zanier

[gallery columns=”1″ link=”file” ids=”20661,20662,20663,20664,20665,20666,20667,20668,20669″] Luca Zanier was born in Zurich in 1966. After being trained in photography he worked as an assistant to numerous national and international photographers. Zanier then founded his own studio in Zurich and since 1993 he has been working as an independent photographer, focusing predominately on landscapes, stills, people and documentation as well as on free artistic work. In his artistic capacity Zanier is strongly interested in urban spaces, constructing unusual perspectives of seemingly familiar settings and situations. In his series «Metropolitan» Zanier explores Zurich and other cities by means of poetic night photography. Zanier’s project ... Read more

Dubai Cityscapes by Jens Fersterra

[gallery columns=”1″ link=”file” ids=”16051,16052,16053,16054,16055,16056,16057,16058,16059,16060,16061,16062,16063″] Amazing Dubai cityscapes by Jens Fersterra, talented architecture and cityscape photographer specializes in capturing urban environments.

After The War – Libyan Cityscapes by Mads Nissen

[gallery columns=”1″ link=”file” size=”large” ids=”10657,10658,10659,10660,10661,10662,10663,10664″] Mads Nissen is a talented photographer based in Copenhagen, Denmark who shoots awesome documentary and photojournalisn shoots for Time Magazine, Newsweek, Der Spiegel, Stern, Geo, Sunday Times Magazine, D magazine, l’Espresso magazine, Foto8, 6 Mois, Berlingske, Dagbladet Politiken, MSF, Euroman, Kulturmagasinet Lousiana. Mads represented by Prospekt in Italy and LAIF in Germanyv

NYC Unplugged by Randy Scott Slavin

[gallery columns=”1″ link=”file” size=”large” ids=”2042,2043,2044,2045,2046,2047,2048,2049,2050,2051,2052,2053,2054,2055,2056,2057,2058,2059″] Randy Scott Slavin is an award-wonning director and surrealist photographer based in New York City. He is widely known for his powerful music videos and branded productions that mash up clever concepts witl; bold imagery, and channel the energy of pop culture.