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Surreal Close-ups of Model’s Lips by Marius Sperlich

Marius Sperlich is a talented fashion photographer, graphic designer and art director from Hamburg who currently lives and works in Berlin, Germany. Marius captures close-ups of female mouths in compositions that are both trashy, explosive and sensual. More info: instagram

Majestic Moths Captured Under a High Resolution Scanner by Jim des Rivieres

[gallery link=”file” columns=”1″ size=”medium” ids=”96429,96430,96431,96432,96433,96434,96435,96436,96437″] Since 2002 Jim des Rivieres has working on a series of images of moths and butterflies local to the Ottawa area. He creates his fascinating, larger-than-life images by placing each moth specimen on a flatbed scanner. Most moth species are very small and are active only at night. Their drab, gray appearance and fuzzy bodies earn them little sympathy. But for Jim des Rivières, a software developer and hobbyist photographer, moths have an edge over butterflies: They’re ever more interesting, varied, and surprising. Impressively real, the artist’s prints have a 3D quality, which demand attention. ... Read more

Show Me the Carbon by Robert Dash

[gallery link=”file” columns=”1″ size=”medium” ids=”96335,96336,96337,96338,96339,96340,96341,96342,96343″] Robert Dash is a talented photographer, educator and environmentalist based in Deer Harbor, WA, United States. Dash has been fascinated since childhood by microscopic life. His academic training lies in biological sciences and human development, with a B.A in Environmental Studies from Evergreen College, and an M.A. in Human Development from Pacific Oaks College. For her new project “Show Me the Carbon”, Robert transforms the benign plant cell into a sinister scene out of a vintage horror film. He highlights the negative impact increasing greenhouse gases have on plants. These scanning electron microscope (SEM) micrographs ... Read more

Close Up Photography of Plants and Flowers by Robert Llewellyn

[gallery link=”file” columns=”1″ size=”large” ids=”94368,94369,94370,94371,94372,94373,94374,94375″] Robert Llewellyn is a talented photographer and author based in Ashland, Virginia. Robert has been photographing plants and landscapes for more than forty years. He has created a series of three books about horticulture: Seeing Trees, Seeing Flowers, and Seeing Seeds. His photographs have been featured in major art exhibits, and more than thirty books featuring his photography are in print. He has photographed a shelf load of travel and landscape books between his bread-and-butter commercial work. Even the commercial gigs feed his visual curiosity. “Ever go down a coal mine?” he asks. “It’s white. ... Read more

Stunning Close-Ups Photos of Snowflakes by Alexey Kljatov

[gallery link=”file” columns=”1″ size=”large” ids=”93212,93213,93214,93215,93216,93217,93218,93219″] Alexey Kljatov aka ChaoticMind75 is a talented artist and photographer based in Moscow, Russia. He shoots HDR from multiple exposures, mostly night cityscapes; macro, especially snowflakes, and still life lightpainting. Alexey uses Canon A650 with a custom-built macro add-on for the camera: a Helios 44M-5 from an old USSR SLR camera called a Zenit. Kljatov takes photos of the intricate shapes and patterns of snowflakes with a standard camera and a macro lens. For each picture, Alexey either lights the snowflakes from below a glass surface with an LED flashlight or shoots them on a ... Read more