Tugo Cheng is a multi-talented photographer, artist and professional architect based in Hong Kong. Tugo focuses on landscaping, he has captured some of the most mesmerising images of remote parts of China. He likes unusual shapes, patterns and textures, often resulting in abstract and poetic compositions in South China coast. His seascape series “Coastal Geometries” received enormous recognition worldwide and earned him the title International Discovery of the Year 2016.

In Coastal Geometries, Tugo Cheng creaptured stunning minimalist landscapes of the fishing nets and bamboo poles in Fujian province, south-east China. Hs aim is to preserve the beauty of these natural landscapes. His landscapes have already won him a National Geographic prize and a nomination for this year’s Sony World Photography Award .

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Cheng believes his architectural training has been instrumental in developing his personal photographic style. ‘Both architecture and photography represent a ceaseless pursuit of aesthetics in terms of lines, patterns, proportions, lighting and colours,’ he says.

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