Sailors Studio are Kim Sunkyung and Jeong Wonjun, graphic designer and photographer from Seoul, South Korea. Their newest photography series, “Conversation”, features delicately distorted portraits that are projected across a fleeting cloth, tossed into twilight landscapes. The series was inspired by French philosopher Emmanuel Levinas’ concept of responsibility which states that one finds their true self when they are responsible for somebody other than themselves.

The photography project ‘Conversation’ is a journey that begins from concerns of acquaintances, eventually finding oneself in the process. In the photographs, the space becomes the world where one encounter the Other, and the cloth tossed into the air becomes the medium that draws out one’s relationship with Other. Other, as an unsubstantial light flashed into space, actualises when the visage materialises onto the aimlessly tossed cloth, and one’s act of capturing the moment signifies one’s conversation with the Other. One finds one’s essence through Other, not just an illusion of light, but as a real existent materialised on a white cloth.

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