Mainly on fault lines of tectonic boundaries, where plates are pushed together or dragged apart, volcanos occur. Cracks allow the magma to rise up to the surface where it erupts through a volcano. The caved-in surface on top of the volcano is called crater. The Crater Series reveals color and shapes of extinct craters in the Highlands of Iceland.

Stunning crater landscapes by Tom Hegen (previously featured), a talented photographer, designer, and adventurer from Munich, Germany. Tom specializes in aerial photography projects that show the impact of human presence on earth. His latest project, photographed on a DJI drone, documents craters in the Highlands of Iceland. Tom has over 12,700 followers on Instagram and counting.

As a photographer I am interested in the relationship between man and nature. In my aerial photography, I focus on landscapes that have been heavily transformed by human intervention. I am trying to sensitize the viewer for those subjects by taking a look at the extraordinary forces impacting our environment.

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