Cristina Coral is a talented self taught Italian conceptual photographer. Cristina shoots a lot of fine art and narrative portrait photography.

My approach to photography and its development was almost entirely self-taught.
My father was a composer, music and art have always been a very important part of my life. I have chosen the camera as my main artistic expression.
Photographing has become an imperative language.

– Cristina Coral

Her work has been featured and published in several magazines as: Huffington Post, De., Rai News, Fotografia Magazine, Fubiz, Lóeil, Lenscratch, Lens Culture, Jungle Magazine, Juliet art,Worbz,PhotoPhore, Daily Best, International Business Times, Beautiful Bizarre and many other.

This project talks about the hidden part of ourselves and about what we allow or not allow ourselves to be, show and reveal to the world. This project come from some reflections on the dichotomy between good and evil and about dichotomy between realism and idealism.