Daniel Santalla is a talented 27 years old self taught photographer and filmmaker from Ferrol, Spain who started taking pictures about two years ago by accident as his brother is studying photography. Daniel realised that taking pictures will be able to capture his feelings. His work is primarily based on simplicity and quiet moments, capturing the naturalness and beauty of things, the relationship of the human body with nature.

You know, no matter how long you do photography, to capture all the beauty outside will always be an inner urge accompanying you on a daily basis. The moments feel too precious. The intimate moment of love. The fading one of the sunrise. Even with the knowledge that the sun is is coming back the other day. “I would like people see my work the way I do. I think with my photos I transmit serenity, calm and a mixture of feelings. I’d really like these things I see and feel when I take my pictures could be reflected in work.

– Daniel Santalla