Danielle van Zadelhoff is an incredibly gifted photo artist. She was born in Amsterdam and now she lives in Belgian town Antwerp. Danielle’s story of becoming a photographer is remarkable. Her father was fond of painting and sculpturing, so Danielle grew up in the atmosphere of creativity. She learned how to express herself in this or that kind of art. Besides, her family library was full of books devoted to art and history. Danielle fell in love with Renaissance artists, and we can see their influence in her works now. The most remarkable Renaissance feature of Danielle’s photo portraits is a famous Claire-obscure technique when the background is dark and model’s face is illuminated by the front light.

Danielle admits that religion influenced on her style greatly. She was a pupil of Protestant school and she communicated with her Catholic grandmother a lot. Danielle’s favorite Renaissance art is also permeated with religious motives. That’s why her photo portraits are full of inner inspiration and sometimes mysticism. These photos strongly remind seventeenth century oil portraits. Danielle says that making photo portraits she tries to show pure human emotions.

Tell us a little bit about you:

I’m a photo artist based in Antwerp, Belgium. My native town is Amsterdam.
Danielle van Zadelhoff2

How long have you been a photographer?

I became a photographer one and half years ago.
Danielle van Zadelhoff3

Has portraiture always been a major focus of your photography?

Yes, I’m attracted by people, their emotions and behavior.
Danielle van Zadelhoff4

How would you describe your style?

Making photos I try to catch human emotions. I use Clair-obscure like the past artists did cause I’m sure it’s a best way for catching pure human emotions.
Danielle van Zadelhoff5

If someone is interested in portrait photography, what would you recommend they try doing to get into the field?

I think every portrait should be made with real, not pretended emotions.
Interview With Portrait Photographer Danielle van Zadelhoff

What kind of equipment do you use now, and what did you start with?

It’s Nikon D800 from the start until now.
Danielle van Zadelhoff7

A photographer who inspires you?

I began without any outside inspiration. I’d say I was surprised by what I saw through the lens and it touched me deeply.
Danielle van Zadelhoff8

Briefly describe a Day in the Life of Danielle van Zadelhoff!

Every day is different. My life’s so busy
Danielle van Zadelhoff9

You can find Danielle van Zadelhoff on the Web :

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All the pictures in this post are copyrighted to Danielle van Zadelhoff.