Danilo Pavone was born in Catania, Italy, in 1971. He lives and works between Italy end Portugal. Pavone studied Stage Design at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Bologna (Academy of Fine Arts of Bologna), and developed his research, firstly in analog, and then in digital photography. Among his more recent projects is the project entitled Fellini/Lisboa (2009), carried out in Lisbon, with the patronage of the Italian Institute of Culture and exhibited at the FNAC gallery circuit. In this work, the images of a Fellini world, in which the temporal suspension and utopia are thematic lines of demarcation, create a not “evenemential” sense of things, where the dreaming charge of the places and characters is magnified by the skilful use of black and white. The theme of Corpo Grego (2005) is, however, the individual and the identity, a combination that is expressed through body language: split and re-assembled modules. The art project Hipotenusa (2003) won the 1st prize of the VIII Bienal de Fotografia de Vila Franca de Xira: a set of images about the naked body at the limit of its own weakness circles around the cancellation of the face, the fragmentation/unity of the body and, finally, its concealment. In his work, Pavone privileges a soft, vaguely nostalgic, if not uncanny, aesthetics.