Daria Endresen is a talented Norwegian artist, model and photographer from Oslo. She draws inspiration from “her most intimate, personal stories“. Daria uses Canon EOS 5D Mark II, she shoots a lot of dark, surreal and aesthetic portraits.
Daria Endresen2

Tell us a little bit about you:

My name is Daria Endresen, I am 33, living in Oslo, Norway. I enjoy taking and retouching pictures.
Daria Endresen3

How long have you been a photographer?

I got my first DSLR about 8 years ago – I seriously took up photography right after that.
Daria Endresen4

Has portraiture always been a major focus of your photography?

No, my first area of interest was landscape photography. When you are living in Norway, it’s almost a sin not to try that one out. I’m not sure I became good enough at it but it’s been always fun to do, and I still grab my camera whenever I go out into the wild.
Daria Endresen5

How would you describe your style?

I don’t like definitions – they put restraints on what you are trying to express. I’ve heard other people call it “dark fine art photography”, although I suppose my work is a bit closer to digital art, since I spend most of the time retouching my pictures rather than just taking them.
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If someone is interested in portrait photography, what would you recommend they try doing to get into the field?

Practice is the key. Get a camera, a lens and a tripod (good equipment is convenient but not essential). Check out other photographers’ work and get inspired. Find a model or a friend who will agree to pose for you. If you have absolutely no one around, use yourself as a subject. Start with natural light, it’s free and easily accessible. Experiment with light set ups and poses. Learn some basic retouch. Repeat until you are satisfied with the result – or better yet never be satisfied and always keep learning smile emoticon
Daria Endresen7

What kind of equipment do you use now, and what did you start with?

I started with Canon EOS 20D and a kit lens – half of my portfolio is done with it. It’s not optimal but it worked. A couple of years ago I switched to EOS 5DM2 (it was actually a very generous present from one of my followers – I am forever grateful to her for this amazing gift). I don’t have a huge array of lenses – the one I use most at the moment is 50mm 1.4. Tripod and remote control also come in handy. And finally I have some studio lights but I use them very seldom.
Daria Endresen8

A photographer who inspires you?

Ah, there are way too many. I can appreciate pretty much any genre, as long as its done well.
Daria Endresen9

Briefly describe a Day in the Life of Daria Endresen!

I am a typical hermit and I spend a good chunk of the day in front of the screen – retouching, designing or playing (I am a bit of a nerd as well). I like taking a stroll, somewhere remote and quiet – to enjoy nature and contemplate in silence. The evening is usually shared between my boyfriend and more work, with occasional movie or book reading in between :)
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You can find Daria Endresen on the Web :