Seanen Middleton is a talented 23-year-old photographer and artist based in The Lake District, England. Seanen shoots a lot of fine art, portrait and melancholy photography. Fascinated by the human psyche, he produces visions of the world by using self-portraiture as a means of escape. Middleton’s unique combination of fear, loneliness and vulnerability – flawlessly captured in rich detail.

“I am fascinated by the idea of pushing the boundaries of our own consciousness and the deepest and darkest of human emotions. My work examines the beauty and complexities of nature, and explores the relationship between ourselves and the world.” confesses Seanen.

“One extremely positive thing photography has had on my life is it has opened up my eyes to the beauty of the world and the reality that lies around me. It is so easy to forget this but the world is an incredible, awe inspiring place full of wonder and magic. You just have to pay attention.” he explains

“If I can help shift someone’s perspective on life, even a little, and make them appreciate the beauty of something they never noticed before, then that is the most rewarding thing in the world to me.” he adds.










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