Darlene Ollerenshaw is a talented 3d visualization artist with 21 years experience as a professional CGI artist and animator. Darlene currently based in Livingston, NJ, USA and enjoys photography, film, and music in her spare time. She spent the first 11 years of her career working in the multi-media field, where she gained experience in many areas, including but not limited to: 3D, animation, 3D ilustration, video editing, sound editing, graphic design, website design, panoramic photography, client relations, and project management. For the pas 6 years, she has worked for a luxury automotive company where she has gained experience in the art of automotive rendering. She knows what it takes to create clean, professional images for standards of the highest caliper.

Darlene has a true passion for CGI and 3D. Her favorite part about working with the medium is that the technology is ever evolving and there are always new and exciting challenges that lie ahead to feed her passion.