Darren Rigo is a talented 27 years old photographer, sculptor, installator and artist, who was born and raised in rural Southern Ontario and currently based in downtown Toronto. Rigo received his BFA in Photography from Ontario College of Art and Design. Darren spends his time creating images inspired by the ways we connect with natural environments.

β€œIn a sprawling city like Toronto, our interaction with the land is hidden. But if you peel away the buildings and pavement and look beneath you would instantly reveal signs of a complex history embedded in the earth. The concrete steps near Casa Loma ascend an ancient eroded shoreline, while meandering streams in North York slowly reclaim the backyards of overbuilt suburbia. We adapt and negotiate with the ever-changing topography of our city. We interact with the land every day without knowing it and, in turn, impress our own history upon it.”

– Darren Rigo