Photographer and and award winning author Darryl Estrine has spent the last two years bringing his passions for food, restaurants, photography and meeting new people together for Harvest to Heat: Cooking with America’s Best Chefs, Farmers and Artisans. During a photo career that has included work with magazines as varied as Esquire, Fortune, Vanity Fair and ESPN, Darryl spent time with many of his favorite stars (Robert Duvall) and athletes (Michael Jordan) as well as a list of hustlers, politicos and rock and rollers. The photo business is also a great entree into advertising and marketing. Darryl has always looked at the campaigns he’s worked on (Microsoft, Motorola, Lifetime TV Pharmaceuticals) from the inside out, working with advertising agencies to understand the strategy and planning that culminate in art being produced for clients.

The photo business is also a great chance to indulge in great restaurants and catering from around the US as Darryl says There’s nothing like listening to music all day in a nice studio and serving up some great catering. His love of restaurants dovetailed perfectly with a curiosity for cooking that goes back to childhood when pancakes seemed like a proper meal for breakfast lunch and dinner. Whether smoking ribs, making cassoulet for three days or baking the perfect lemon ginger cheesecake, all things food have become a passion that drove him to create Harvest To Heat.