Beautiful nature landscapes by David Martin, talented self-taught photographer, retoucher and traveler currently based in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, USA. David focuses on landscaping and traveling. His approach to photography is rather simple to state, but difficult to put into practice: “Follow the Light”. “Light” truly is the paint on the canvas of a photograph. Searching for or waiting for that perfect light on the landscape is the primary ingredient in his photography used to create the mood or express the emotion that the landscape exudes. “My first introduction to photography occurred around 40 years ago when I purchased a 35mm film camera”, he says. “From the outset I seemed to always want to photograph landscapes and Nature.”

Bad Water Basin in Death Valley gets its name from the horrible and bitter taste of the water that sits in this Basin after a rain. It is usually dry, especially in the hot summer months. It had rained the week before I arrived in Death Valley in the middle of January, so I was fortunate to have water in the Basin to photograph. I have seen some absolutely stunning photographs of this area when the early morning or late evening sun provides color to the sky and is reflected in the water.

David Martin’s latest project “Death Valley – Badwater Basin”, leads us into these lunar lands, prehistoric and surreal landscapes.

The light that I had to work with during the evening when I was photographing “Bad Water Basin” was about the worst that I could wish for. It was totally flat and dull light. We (other photographers) kept hoping for some beautiful light at sunset…..but it was not to be. The salt crystal formations are still quite unique and interesting as a subject. I hope that you, the viewer, enjoy this series in spite of the challenges that I faced in creating it !

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