For David Martinez, photography is both a calculated science and a free verse art form. The controllable variables – the light, the shutter speed, the aperture – are all simply tools to allow the authenticity of a real moment to occur. David captures the beauty and sincerity of these scenes in the pictures he makes. His images fuse humanity and tenderness with the warmth of a California day where he currently lives, David’s passion for making compelling photographs and his cool + calm demeanor keep his clients coming back. With production crews ready all over the world – David can shoot without a hitch in New York City, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

Most people that know David will say his energy is contagious. He’s always got a personal project in the works-even when his calendar is booked solid. He uses his camera as a way to guide him to new experiences and new people. You’d be hard pressed to find David indoors when he’s not shooting – much more likely find him on a wave in Baja, on his mountain bike in the Sierras, or globe trotting with his wife Shelly.

Always at the forefront of technology (but still with a roll of medium format film in his camera bag), David has been shooting high definition video since DSLR technology made it more available. David’s always ready for an adventure – with his surf bag packed and camera in hand.