Based in the UK and having over 15 years experience in the film industry, Dean Rogers works closely with some of the most talented and interesting Directors today including Shane Meadows, Yann Demange and Anton Corbjin.

Unlike conventional ‘film’ photographers, who shoot directly from the cameras perspective, Dean instead works to find his own composition to capture the feel and atmosphere of a film often lighting and shooting characters off set.

It’s this style that separates his photography from others, creating a greater degree of narrative, and emotion through his cinematic approach to lighting and play between models on his editorial and advertising work.

Dean has also transferred this style to directing, working closely with his subjects to create compelling films: soon to be aired is his moving campaign for the British Heart Foundation. Dean has also directed and created films for both Paul Smith and SHOW Studio.

Campaigns include Adidas, Puma, Lucozade, Powerade, Stella Artois, Mercedes, Channel 4 and Swarovski.