Dean West is an Australian-born photographer. It was in his small town high school, a space housing one of the biggest darkrooms in Australia, that his career as a commercial photographer saw its spark. His ensuing education at the distinguished Queensland College of Art in Brisbane, ushered in what would become some of the major themes of a Dean West piece: conceptual art theory, and the juxtaposition of large-scale, moody composites and farm animals such as swans, chickens and rats. Only 1 year out of college, Dean saw his name featured on Saatchi & Saatch’s list of the world’s top 100 emerging photographers. Creative Magazine nominated him as one of the Australia’s top photographers. In 2010 Dean received the prestigious IV international Arte Laguna Prize, and in the meantime accepted the photographer of the year title at the International Aperture Awards. He’s been featured by ADOBE, Blink Magazine, Communications Arts, and then some. Globetrotting between the US, Canada, UK, Italy, Germany & The Netherlands, he continues to spread his highly-stylized veneer onto fantastical pieces of hyper-realist work.

Whether it’s a commercial campaign, intensely personal portrait, or a scrupulously choreographed photo sequence, Dean borrows from a revolving door of innovative ideas, talent and cinematic spectacle. Fueled by hard work, a passion for good coffee, avocado with lemon on toast, and freezer-kept Tim Tams.