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Diego Brambilla is a talented 37 years old Italian photographer and artist currently based in London, UK. Diego combines photography, sculpture and a DIY attitude in a multi-disciplinary practice that has ambiguity at its core. His work balances on the boundaries between real and unreal, forged and original. Using a cinematic approach, Brambilla creates an obscure and unfamiliar place where the loss of horizon heightens a sense of isolation and loneliness.

I am fascinated by the non-correspondence between reality and what has been constructed as ‘truth’ by the contemporary culture, when a narrative disconnects itself from the reality and becomes a new story.

My First Dream steps into contemporary culture’s intrinsic tendency to stage experiences (happiness, conflict, life) and adopts its language to represent an imaginary exploration of another planet.

With a cinematographic approach, Brambilla plays with the notion of fake and engages the viewer. He creates an obscure and unfamiliar place where the loss of the horizon heightens the sense of isolation and loneliness. His main interest is in our perception of reality.

Diego Brambilla