Jeremie Dru is a talented analog photographer and artist currently based in Paris, France. Jeremie sees hidden patterns in his everyday surroundings. He uses the analog camera to improve his architect eye, and the way he looks at the city. The double exposure is a technique which allows the capture of a moldable space-time. It consists in photographing several times on the same negative, and which allows to melt independent events from each other in a quite coherent. This allows him to reinterpret the urban space we are experiencing daily.

My photographic practice proposes to clarify possible and real places we inhabit. A way in which the camera can capture a personal interpretation of quantum physics. The principle of photography is to capture light during a time interval which leaves room for interpretation of the photographer and can distort reality while allowing the artist to be released from his subjectivity to create scenes that do not seem to exist.

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