Creative photo manipulations by Shaun Ryken, a talented graphic designer, and digital artist based in Toronto, Canada. Shaun focuses mainly on photo manipulations. He has over 50.100 followers on Instagram and counting.

I’m a small town graphic designer that has worked on my passion since I was 12 years old. I started my adventure online using tutorials and forums to help advance my skill. Graphic design and Photoshop isn’t the only skill I actually have under my belt. Believe it or not I actually started my online presence doing photography with small editing adjustments. The adventure into my industry started in High School. I was a photographer that started to get my name out there in the design industry by designing the covers for the yearbook and pushing my passion. Taking every opportunity in-front of me regardless if it’s a hard challenge has pushed me into the industry position I am in today. My ideas and concepts come from a random space that I have in my head. I’m not really sure how to explain it but my mind has always developed created new imagery and ideas. I also balance my imagery with life events in a metaphoric way.

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