Jerome Courtial is a talented photographer, educator and drone pilot from France who currently lives and works in London, UK. Jerome focuses on travel, architecture and drone photography. He uses Canon 5D3, Canon 6D, DJI Phantom 4 and Go Pro 4 black cameras.

I’ve been using drones for the last three years. At first for video only, but I’ve been gradually taking more and more photos with it, as the cameras are getting better. I currently own a Phantom 4, before that I owned the P3 (which is currently held by the customs in Marrakech, but that’s another story!), and the phantom 2 before that, attached to a Gopro 4, which made taking pictures really difficult. I haven’t upgraded to the 4 Pro just yet, because I had bought the P4 just a couple of months before they released the Mavic and P4 Pro, so biting the bullet on that one and waiting to see what DJI does next, hopefully a Mavic with a better camera!

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