Stunning aerial landscapes by Robin Wittwer, a talented self-taught photographer, drone pilot, and adventurer based in Cologne, Germany. Robin focuses on outdoor, landscape, and drone photography. He shoots a lot of lifestyles, adventures, and urban landscapes. He has over 36.500 followers on Instagram and counting.

Already during childhood, my father aimed to make the nearby forest as accessible as possible to me. Most of our free time after school, we spent here playing hide and seek or building tree houses. Since then, I was fascinated by the purity of nature right around the corner. In March 2015 I had to escape the daily routine by going way farer and decided to travel to New Zealand for 10 months. Exploring the various landscapes of this beautiful country, combined with traveling and sleeping in my own van, brought me to my deep passion for photography. From that point on, I wanted to travel and create content to inspire others to leave their comfort zone like I did.

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