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Stunning Travel Drone Photography by Alexander Neimert

Alexander Neimert is a talented 26-year-old self-taught photographer, adventurer and firefighter who was born in Stockholm and currently lives and works in Falun, Sweden. Alexander shoots amazing nature, landscape, outdoor, climbing and aerial photography. More info: instagram / website

Moody and Subtle Drone Photography by Lewis Slade

Lewis Slade is a talented photographer, filmmaker and drone pilot based in Sweden. Lewis is fascinated by the subtle tones, he shoots amazing urban, travel, lifestyle and aerial photography. I have been interested in photography my entire life, however, with the introduction of high quality, portable quad copters, the ability to travel and take incredible images from amazing angles has become possible. This absolutely fascinates me. To be able to go anywhere, release the drone and explore a world only ever previously seen by the elite in helicopters excites me. Showing people something they see everyday but from an extraordinary ... Read more

California Beaches From Above: Drone Photography by Emily Kaszton

Emily Kaszton is an professional photographer and drone pilot currently based in Newport Beach, California. Emily received her BA in Photography from the prestigious Brooks Institute. Kaszton continually develops her proficiency in the latest techniques – both in DSLR photography and drone videography – and hones her talent for showcasing subjects with a fresh and unique perspective. More info: instagram / facebook / website

Creative Drone Photography by Ben Moore

Ben Moore is a talented self-taught photographer and adventurer currently based in Hoddesdon, village in Hertfordshire, England. Ben shoots a lot of travel, architecture, lifestyle and street photography. Photography to me is more than just a hobby or job, its more like a relationship. I give it time, effort and hard work and in exchange I get images the gives me feelings I can’t explain or puts me in a certain mood. I believe I was born to do this and I think I’m very good at it. More info: instagram / facebook / website

Stunning Travel Drone Photography by Colby Moore

Colby Moore is a talented photographer, retoucher and traveler currently based in Springfield, Missouri, USA. Colby began his career doing live and promotional photos for musicians while on the road as a member of a touring band himself. Moore became addicted to the traveling lifestyle and kept exploring new places even after leaving the band, now with his wife in the passenger seat. When I’m not traveling you can find me in Springfield MO (my home base) with my wife grabbing Pad Thai and tacos from the food truck down the street or hanging out with our kittens and chickens ... Read more

Singapore From Above: Incredible Drone Photography by Jeryl T.

Jeryl T. is a talented self-taught photographer, explorer and drone pilot currently based in Sigapore. Jeryl focuses on urban, he shoots stunning rooftop, cityscape and aerial photography. More info: instagram

Stunning Drone Photography by Boyan Ortse

Boyan Ortse is a talented photographer, designer, filmmaker and artist currently based in Ede, Netherlands. Boyan focuses on traveling, he shoots incredible landscapes and aerial shots. Ortse uses DJI Inspire 1 and DJI Phantom 4 Pro drone. I began with multimedia design when I was a kid, playing around with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Flash, building websites and animations when I was 14. I knew what I wanted and started studying Multimedia design and graduated in 2014. During the last year of my study I started my business making graphic designs and websites for clients. This was the beginning of ... Read more

Stunning Drone Photography by Jerome Courtial

Jerome Courtial is a talented photographer, educator and drone pilot from France who currently lives and works in London, UK. Jerome focuses on travel, architecture and drone photography. He uses Canon 5D3, Canon 6D, DJI Phantom 4 and Go Pro 4 black cameras. I’ve been using drones for the last three years. At first for video only, but I’ve been gradually taking more and more photos with it, as the cameras are getting better. I currently own a Phantom 4, before that I owned the P3 (which is currently held by the customs in Marrakech, but that’s another story!), and ... Read more

The Stunning Winners of The 4th Annual International Drone Photography Contest

The winners of the fourth annual International Drone Photography contest have been announced, organised and hosted by drone photography sharing site Dronestagram, and in partnership with National Geographic, with winning subjects ranging from vividly coloured fields in Provence to a water lily pond in Vietnam. Thousands of entries were submitted from everywhere in the world by talented professional photographers and amateur drone photo enthusiasts. Awards were given across a number of categories: Nature, Urban, People and (for the first time in the contest) Creativity. 1st Prize Winner – Nature: Provence, summer trim by jcourtial 2nd Prize Winner – Nature: Infinite ... Read more

Travel Drone Photography by Kyle Mijlof

Kyle Mijlof is a talented self-taught photographer and filmmaker from Cape Town, South Africa. Kyle has been traveling around the world for the last 5 and a half years visiting 64 countries along the way. Mijlof shoots amazing landscapes, nature and aerial photography. It all started in March 2010 when i left Cape Town after finishing University at the age of 21, studying Sound Design in the Movie Industry and decided to follow my dream of adventure. Along the way i picked up photography and found out that i could make a living from this new found hobby/passion while living ... Read more

Stunning Drone Photography by Rikki Chan

Rikki Chan is a talented 28-year-old self-taught photographer, traveler and explorer currently based in Manchester, UK. Rikki focuses on traveling, he shoots stunning landscapes, urban, adventure, nature and aerial photography. More info: instagram / website

Australia From Above: Stunning Drone Photography by Julian Lallo

Julian Lallo is a talented self-taught photographer and explorer who was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia. Julian started shooting in late 2015, he first started posting his shots online for friends and family. Lallo shoots a lot of urban, portrait, adventure and aerial photography, he driven by the aesthetics of urban space, his photos are a mix of street grime and sleek architectural form that collide with the sculpted flesh of his subjects. More info: instagram / facebook / website