Carving her name into contemporary culture, Melbourne based photographer Dulce Amor gives an insight into what the world looks through her lens. Combining her passion for visual storytelling and fashion, her work embodies the collaboration of emerging, local and national creatives.

With having previously studied Accounting, Dulce has always yearned to express art in any form of medium. Craving for all things creative, it was through her first point and shoot camera that led her to her new found love for photography. From social gatherings to summer time adventures, the images produced became a visual diary, archiving moments in her time.

In 2013, Dulce had the opportunity to participate in the campaign named, “Racism. Get Up. Speak Out”; a project supported by the The City of Greater Dandenong. While, Victoria being well-known for its diversity, the focus of the project was to build social context through a greater awareness of multiculturalism. Dulce photographed five local individuals, all of which represented the diversity within the council. Each shared their unique story of who they were as person as a means to justify that colour is merely skin deep. This project not only pushed her craft; it challenged her to see humanity, society and how diversity is conveyed in the media.

Each story was published in the Herald Sun and Leader. After developing such a strong action on countering racism, the project received the “Multicultural Australia – strength in diversity” award at the National Awards for Local Government.

Whilst studying at Photography Studies College (Commercial Major), Dulce has continuously pushed herself to develop her distinct, signature style.

Dulce, through an aspiration with street photography, focused on classic composition, balance, and beauty in the image and aesthetics, which are perfect elements conveying the overall message, mood and emotion of a particular moment. In her pursuits, she embraced the importance of the process in the role of documenting life – and enjoying things associated with it.

Through clean symmetrical compositions, the use of playful colours combined with strong design elements, her visual stories explores the lifestyle that accompanies with the subject, clothing and ambience within that frame. She finds zen in the sound of the shutter and in the company of friends or people she meets. Her ability associate interactions with people with her vision is evident in her art.

Dulce believes that art and culture have the ability to enhance the quality of life for any community. Collaboration with local, like-minded artists can bring about enjoyment, intellectual stimulation while simultaneously providing public involvement. Dulce makes a continuous effort to wholeheartedly work with locally emerging creatives to develop and implement concepts that reflect each designers personality and vision. It has been argued that having a community with an established form of art and culture could bring about the most novel and visually diverse project.