Eben McCrimmon a.k.a. @ebenism is a superb talented digital artist from Australia who manipulates photos and recreates images of animals to make them look huge in size.

My name is Eben aka @ebenism on Instagram and I’m a Digital Artist from Australia. Giant animals and tiny humans are a common thread in some of my more recent photo-manipulations and my Instagram account is a series of windows into my imagination. The might and awe of the animal kingdom has always been an inspiration and I like to think we all have our spirit animals that challenge, guide and protect us in a world that seems to be diving deeper into chaos. Issues regarding the demise of species with the impact of every human encroachment into native habitats weighs heavily on my heart. Mother Nature is incredible. It’s way bigger than all of us tiny humans and we all have our part to play. I hope to continue to create art that makes you think and inspire people to see the natural world and all it’s magnificent creatures with a sense of connection, wonder and intrigue.

More info: instagram / website