Mehran Naghshbandi is a talented 27-year-old Iranian photographer and artist who was born and grew up in Sanandaj, Kurdistan and moved to north of Iran to study Industrial Design. Mehran captures amazing minimalist and atmospheric photos of Iranian nature, especially the north parts. “I’m not much into landscape photography, or pretty much the way people use to see it, I don’t need a great waterfall or something breathtaking to make me wonder about nature,” he says.

I love to study the forms of plants and flowers in different lighting structure, and in a minimal style, so I started to do that with underexposed shots of nature and with low saturated colors. The inspiration behind this project is more of a personal one, it’s about the connection I make with nature or the way I feel it. I see it in every little part of nature, every leaves or flowers or tree, and I wanted to show them the way I see them.

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