Dara McGrath is a freelance 47-year-old photographer and artist who was born in Limerick City and currently lives and works in Cork, Ireland. Dara received his MA in MA in Visual Arts Practice (Art-making) from Institute of Art Design and Technology in Dublin. He shoots a lot of landscape, abandoned and architecture photography. “The main focus of my practice is for museums, galleries, artists, publishers, designers, researchers, historians, public bodies and commercial organisations, as well as magazines, private individuals and their collections,” he says. His project ‘Edgelands’ deals with non-narrative landscape photography of transitional spaces between or around deserted spaces of the Eastern and central European national borderlands.

My central concern lies in exploring transitional spaces, those in-between places where architecture, landscape and the built environment often intersect, and where a dialogue – of absence rather than presence – is created. My practice is driven by explorations of these charged, shifting entities – buildings that have come to the end of their functionality, the changing functionality of a landscape, human interruptions in the landscape – that exist in urban, rural and suburban contexts.

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