Emanuele Passarelli is talented 22 years old photographer and artist based in Rome, Italy. He began as self-educated an artistic career into photography, finding his own balance. Emanuele uses Canon 6D, he shoots a lot of portrait and conceptual photography.

Emanuele Passarelli2

When did you first think of becoming a photographer?

I don’t remember very well when was the first time that I decided to become a photographer, because I was too young. I’ve started just an year and a half ago, when I finally had the chance.
Emanuele Passarelli3

Has portraiture always been a major focus of your photography?

Basically in my photos I portray what is closest to my mood and my ideas, so I think that with portraits I can better realize my concepts
Emanuele Passarelli4

How would you describe your style?

It’s something extremely personal, I do not really know how to describe it: chaotic but balanced, dramatic but fascinating… I guess we need to wait someone else to give it a better definition by time
Emanuele Passarelli5

If someone is interested in portrait photography, what would you recommend they try doing to get into the field?

The only important thing in portrait’s tecnicque is to shoot with people who can completely express their art so i can even get inspired by them! Usually I prefer to shoot and work with people who’ve never posed before so they can be more natural and spontaneous in order to product something absolutely meaningful and somehow unique
Emanuele Passarelli6

What kind of equipment do you use now, and what did you start with?

I’ve started shooting with an old Canon 1D mark || with only a 50mm and then I changed it with a Canon 6D
Emanuele Passarelli7

Who are some of you favorite photographers past or present?

Among today’s photographers Juha Arvid Helminen is probably the only one that caught my attention before I started my career. However, I’m in love with Helmut Newton’s photography, I would have really enjoyed meeting him personally
Emanuele Passarelli8

You can find Emanuele Passarelli on the Web :

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