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Born in Paris, Eric Traoré first heads towards a scientific education, validating his 3rd year of University in Physical Science, before choosing to devote his time to his passion, photography, by starting at the famous Louis Lumière School in Paris. Brilliantly he graduates as the major of his promotion, is discovered as a very talented artist, and publishes his first issue in Citizen K. These first debut images then goes on display in the Museum of Fashion in Marseille, France.

During this period he begins working for prestigious magazines such as Dutch or Visionnaire, and initiates an ongoing collaboration with French Vogue in Beauty and Fashion. Since then he contributes to publications such as the Russian Vogue, German Vogue, Nippon Vogue…

Eric’s images have been part of the photography exhibits at MOMA in New York (“History of Costume in Fashion”), Paris Photo, B Staatliche Museum in Berlin, the French Museum of Fashion and Textile, among others. In the last two years, while continuing his work as a beauty photographer for editorial and advertising clients, Eric has been developing a significant body of personal work which offers a different look at beauty from a more intimate and personal perspective.