Espen Rasmussen (b. 1976) is based at Nesodden, close to Oslo, Norway. He works as a photo editor in VG Helg — the weekend magazine of the biggest daily Norwegian newspaper VG. At the same time he is constantly working on his own photo projects. Rasmussen focuses specially on humanitarian issues and the challenges related to climate change. He is represented by Panos Pictures.

Hundreds of thousands of people were evacuated from towns and villages across the region after the Fukushima accident on 11 March 2011, when a massive tsunami hit the coast of Japan. The 20 km exclusion zone around the plant is a complete no-go area with police patrols blocking the access roads and only teams of professional workers bussed in every day to continue the clean-up operation. Farmer Tokuei Hosokawa (60) is one of a handful of people left in the town of Itate, that once had 6,000 inhabitants. The rest have all fled. Health and Welfare Information Association (HCR), a local NGO, sends workers to villages on the border of the zone, measuring radiation and handing out food, drinking water and clothing.