Nationally Essdras Suarez has covered stories such as the Columbine shooting and space shuttle Columbia disaster. Internationally he has photographed in Sudan, Egypt, Laos, Cambodia, Colombia, Cuba, Venezuela, Brazil, Russia, Panama, Haiti, Guatemala, El Salvador, Mexico, Costa Rica, Honduras, Dominican Republic, Indonesia, Spain, France, Israel, Iraq, Kuwait, China, Turkey, Norway and Belarus and Romania. Born in Panama married for 18 years to his lovely wife, Sara. He graduated from the University of Florida in 1993 with Bachelors in Science of Journalism. He was bestowed Alumnus of Distinction award in 2010. His passion for the martial arts extends over 20 years. He is also the founder of the VisYoga© yoga style. An exercise system which blends principles of yoga, martial arts, personal training, isometrics, stretching and relaxation principles. Suarez also teaches photo workhops and on 2010 became a mentor for the Mentor Trek series.