Osborne Macharia is a talented self-taught photographer and architect from Nairobi, Kenya. For his latest project “Kabangu”, Osborne captured four older men who work as watchmen in Nairobi. They do double-duty as hip-hop aficionados and security guards in Kariobangi, one of Nairobi’s settlements. “As true hip-hop heads, they’ve been following the evolution of the music genre since the 80s,” he says.

Watchmen by night, hip hop heads by day. This is the story of 4 gentlemen in the heart of Kariobangi (one of Nairobi’s informal settlements) who call themselves Kabangu. A group of real hip hop heads from the 80’s who meet up regularly to educate and mentor upcoming young talent venturing out into the hip hop industry. They teach them on values such as peace, equality, prosperity and social justice.

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The majority of our audience and the people who come across the images and read the stories believe that it’s actually true, or that it is something that’s about to happen. We just wanted to set a new direction for storytellers and we’ve actually seen it starting to change locally where people are actually producing content that has a story, content that has meaning, content that is futuristic and based on our own ideas.







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