Susan Swihart is a talented self-taught photographer and mum of twin girls, who was born in Newton, Massachusetts and currently lives and works in Los Angeles, California. “Growing up in a small, but busy home with my mother, older brother, uncle and grandparents,” she says. “I was hardly alone but eagerly sought out space to be by myself.” Susan was happy to spend her days drawing and creating with whatever supplies she had. She finds inspiration in the people around her, the way we live, life at home and adventures in the world with her family. In her series ‘About Face‘, Swihart sheds a little light on phenomena of twins.

Sometimes two people start as one. They split apart, but continue to grow in parallel day by day, inch by inch. They develop separately and distinctly. They have different dreams and fears. Yet, to many, they will always look the same. Be interchangeable. Be treated as if they’re still one.

Susan Swihart adds: “As the mother of twin daughters, I have been observing the phenomenon of their connectedness since birth.” “As a photographer and participant observer in their lives, I have set out to explore the psychological components, the similarities and differences, of my daughter’s union. Their realization that they are seen as one causes many different emotions. At times, they too will see themselves as a unit, but they will also wrestle with finding their own voice, identity and place. They pull, push and compete. Occasionally one pushes ahead and grows faster than the other.

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